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From Mouths of Kids: That Babies should Teach To us About Studying of English language

Babies begin with a zero; they absolutely know nothing about language when they are born. They study English language, being completely shipped in it, listening to their conversation of parents and relatives round them they lift skills, they should start to speak directly. Not only that, they study rules of grammar and a word meaning through supervision over their use actually. It is a method which was successful all over the world during thousand years.
Now let’s look for the way, which students are taught by the English teacher at school. To students give the list of words to copy from a board, and rules about grammar and a punctuation are given. English conversation is infrequent, and lessons are in abstraction, they not necessarily transfer a context in which it should be used. It about so is far from a way in which babies as we can reach study. This settlement of a class room does not consider students to experiment that they have studied and test in its new direct ways. Unique words with which they face, are what have been given them by the teacher. If, by contrast they were in immersive to the environment surrounded with people which are govoreniem in English in real situations they would face many new words and should find out that they meant the given context in which they were used. It actively involves their minds in studying of language and finding-out the best way to use a word which they know.
Keys to a way which babies study language, are immersing and the obligation. So from it we can tell that the best way for students to study English language or any language consists in were in immersive and attractive environment where they are surrounded by possibilities to hear the language used in real scenarios, or to move to the English country of conversation. There are many problems with it. At first inconvenience; the lives can simply leave very few people and move abroad only, to study English language. Second – cost; very expensively to live abroad, there is a travel, the arrangement, food, accounts etc. Third – immigration, does not happen so easy reception of the Visa these days, especially only to study.

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